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Session 1 & 2 Introduction to Violence Against Women Transport Workers

PowerPoint Presentation – Introduction to VAW

Session 1 Handout (ILO 2003 Definition of violence at work, Myths and a Power and Control Quote from Zimbabwe Amalgamated Railwaymen’s Union)

Arabic Session 1 Handout

Bahasa Session 1 Handout

English Session 1 Handout

French Session 1 Handout

Nepalese Session 1 Handout

Russian Session 1 Handout

Spanish Session 1 Handout

Power and Control Wheel.  Please email if you would like to be sent a blank wheel.

English Power and Control Wheel

Arabic Power and Control wheel

Bahasa Power and Control Wheel

French Power and Control Wheel

Nepalese Power and Control Wheel

Russian Power and Control Wheel

Spanish Power and Control Wheel

Session 3:  Global Cafe- Speaker Presentations

SATAWU – South Africa

Camioneros – Argentina

Kommunal – Sweden

Unifor – Canada

MSTKS – India

Session 4: Women’s Global Advocate Programme

PowerPoint Presentation: ‘Exploring the potential of the women’s advocate programme’

This factsheet gives evidence for why violence against women IS a union and employer issue and why our workplaces need women’s advocates.

Arabic Advocacy Factsheet

Bahasa Advocacy Factsheet

English Advocacy Factsheet

French Advocacy Factsheet

Nepalese Advocacy Factsheet

Russian Advocacy Factsheet

Spanish Advocacy Factsheet

Session 5: ILO

PowerPoint Presentation: Towards an ILO Instrument

PowerPoint Presentation: Violence and the world of work – a new convention and recommendation

9 Things you and your union can do to help the ITF fight for the proposed ILO convention.

Arabic -9Things ILO Handout

Bahasa -9 Things ILO Handout

English -9 Things ILO Handout

French -9Things ILO Handout

Nepalese -9ThingsILO Handout

Russian -9Things ILO Handout

Spanish -9Things ILO Handout

Session 5:  UITP

English-ITF and UITP Handout

Spanish-ITF and UITP Handout

Russian-ITF and UITP Handout

Nepalese-ITF and UITP Handout

French-ITF and UITP Handout

Bahasa-ITF and UITP Handout

Arabic-ITF and UITP Handout

ITF and UITP collaboration

PowerPoint Presentation: ITF-UITP

FTTUB for the prevention of Work Related  violence

PowerPoint Presentation: FTTUB

Session 6:  Domestic violence at work

Arabic-Domestic Violence at Work

Bahasa-Domestic Violence at Work

English-Domestic Violence at Work

French-Domestic Violence at Work

Nepalese-Domestic Violence at Work

Russian-Domestic Violence at Work

Spanish-Domestic Violence at Work

Barbara MacQuarrie’s presentation on domestic violence at work

PowerPoint Presentation: DV at Work